bitch! you aint got shit on me!

He let me fall in love
then he walk away just like that

now,it’s far already
i’ve walk away from you

while you’re busy with your game
with another heart, another name
so busy putting up the boomerang to strike you
turning back to attack you

the admiration is the wrong direction

there’s no sorry for him
i’ll take a revenge soon
he need to know
this love is REAL
not just the plain desire
He need to know
that this love is REAL
not just the plain desire

tulus - bumerang


idk idk idk idk idk idk, is it just me or the world is really shutting me out because i don’t feel like awaken in this dull days this is so confusing and i know it’s because of you, if only i can turn back time, i would, just to draw myself away from you or maybe push myself closer because until now, the feeling is still palpable, even though it’s still here and it’s still the same, i still confused about yours, so how am i suppose to behave , i just know it but idk and i just can’t say that i don’t care because the fact is telling the truth , just look at me , i’m not that alright as usual, is it just me or what?! because until now i still feel it, with the same heart , the same feels, same person, but different condition, if only i can turn back time, i really would, i really do. please don’t be a cruel person, just pretty pretty please?.. ;__;

i prefer to be a stranger than being this person to you
it’s not fine, really , don’t make me fly if you keep breaking the wings in the end

i know this is just me and noone else and nothing else, but but but……… haaaaaaaa idk!

prom night 
yg satu stress mau UN ,yang satu stress hasil UN, yg satu stress hasil UN anak didiknya, dan yg satu emg stress 


Watercolor Prints by SnoogsAndWilde


hi , it’s been a long time to share it with you tumb, like i used to, but now i am really fed up with something, well i belive that ‘something’ will really over soon, so it should be something like caseclosed or yeah what so ever, but this isn’t over yet in me, deep down here ,the war still running itself without even i realize , it’s been here as long as i remember, and i just want to let it all out, why? because it will really over soon, and let’s just leave it all behind and get along with the better situation, hopefully, no more wars in me. the only thing that can bothered me so much is friendship , don’t look at me that way! it’s not a sin right?! so i’ve been so fed up with things, i always loved my friends as much as i can as care as i can , and i try to be an abnegation people for them, i mean i try my best to be selfless towards them, because all i want is to make them feel that i am a worthy friend and friendship would be more than amazing if we feel comfortable to one another, and i think i’ve loved them as much as i can , i really do , but i don’t know , is they do the same? who knows? , so someone has steal my friends from me and the others , and that someone is included in that circle of friends, so why stealing instead of fit in?! i am so hurted , dissapointed, please thinking about other’s feeling, if you were in our shoes, could it be possible if you would just stay still and say “oh well! have fun without me!” “aaah i’m glad i am no longer needed” because no, i don’t think so, you would end up gathering with the fellows and shed tears together with them, the people who are left there dumbfounded , did we hurted ? of course we did! someone steal it from us , steal our happiness , that’s kind of cruelty! 

just play around with that happy face of yours , with them without us , like you don’t care we’re watching like you don’t care who we are before 

why you kill us like that , it is just like you’re shouting “HEY BICH! OVER HERE!! WE ARE HAPPY WITHOUT YOU GUYS” 

that would be more simple and efortless. 

and i can’t let it all out here right now because that’s so a lot i don’t think it will fit in the page. LOL . no OTL . just go away bich

and one thing

i won’t make it so frankly.

i am never bother to ask or anything about stuff that would come just one time in a year

tho i am the one who will always do it for every occasion

till my sweats is everywhere , 

but when it comes to mine

and no one seems REALLY care 

i don’t care , and i would put up a fake smile but do wailing in pain when i got home 

then realize 

you are so childish 

grow up!!!\

but really , it is sad. 

okay sorry for my rambling , but i just want to let it out , it is a really old case that should be close with a good enclosure soon, but it will always remain here, deep down here , but it is a good memories lol .

fuk offff

moon by haynatasya on Polyvore
naughty anna by haynatasya featuring metal wall plaques

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